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The Crow's Nest
Order of the Arrow

April 2002

Chapter Chief

Image of Chief in Relief
My Fellow Arrowmen:

Keep up the good work. We have A LOT coming up, due to Camporee and the Almighty Ordeal. Even if you are going with your troop to Camporee, you can still help at the camp fire. Also, see me if you can help out with Tap-Out. We also need elangomats for Ordeal. The training will begin at 6:30pm, before the chapter meeting. Please try to help out where you can.

Yours in Scouting,
- Robert M.
Chapter Chief

From the Vice Chief of Indian Affairs

Hola mis amigos en "Order of the Arrow".

Now, I know that you all expect an essay from me again... but, I'm too lazy (no surprise to those who know me] and I'm not sitting in a boring board meeting. So I will stop here.

- Kevin H.
Vice Chief of Indian Affairs

Just for Laughs

Father: How dare you! What do you mean by hugging my daughter?

Boy: I... I... I... was just carrying out the scriptural injunction, "Hold fast that which is good."

Conscience: That small voice that tells you your parents might check on you.

Vice Chief of Elangomats

Hey Brothers,

This is Shea N. , your Vice Chief of Elangomats! I hope you accept my apologies and forgive me.

I do not have anything important or interesting to tell you, so I am not able to communicate with you.

-Shea N.
Vice Chief of Elangomats

The Liaison

Hey guys,

I still need those names. If you are interested, talk to your Scoutmaster and have him call me. Click here if you need my phone number. Remember, it counts toward a rank advancement also! So, sign up!

-Sean R.
Liaison to Troop Reps

Camping Promotion

My fellow Arrowmen,

NOW is the time to join the Camping Promotion Team. Please call me and help us. It will be very much appreciated.

-Justin W.
Vice Chief of Camping Promotion


Dues can be pain at any of our Chapter meetings by seeing me or my advisor, Mr. P. . They are still just $10. You can also mail them to Mr. Ron P. Click here if you need address information.

- Johnathon Z.


Chapter meetings are on the fourth Thursday of the month. The next meeting will be on the 25 th , at 7:30pm.

Anyone who gets the Hangman and the Guess the Person game and attends the Chapter meeting will receive a prize of some sort.

Note From the Secretary

Hello, I am Justin V. and I am writing to all the other Chapter Officers. I have recently been having a shortage in articles to put in the newsletter. I would like all the Officers to submit articles to me any way possible. You can Fax me, eMail me, hand-deliver it to me, or give it to someone to give to me. I would just like to get them all by the Board Meeting. This was I don't have to call you asking for one. Thank you for your time.

- Justin V.

Who Is This Person?

  • Forever living
  • In a constant state of holiday
  • Enjoys singing
  • Has a pet with a red nose [smaller than a deer]
  • Enchanted by the winter holiday
  • Tried to convert his holiday
  • His girlfriend had a master like Dr. Frankenstein
  • He rules the roost
  • His friends would be considered bizarre
  • Trickery was used to achieve his master plan
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Clue: "I'll be back."
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Last Newsletter: "December 7, 1941"

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