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The Crow's Nest
Order of the Arrow

April 2003

Chapter Chief

My Brothers,

I am very pleased with how the Chapter has been functioning so far this year. I think we can do better though. How you ask? Go to the Chapter meetings! Every fourth Thursday of the month at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in La Habra. If we can boost attendance, then we can have more outings and more fun! Not to mention, if you go to meetings, you can sign up for upcoming events like Conclave , (we still have spots open), District Camporee and Ceremonies and Dance Teams! So please go to the meeting, we try to make them fun, you won't regret it.

In Brotherhood,
- Pat W.
Chapter Chief

Vigil Chief

I'm not at liberty to say.

- Robert M.
Vigil Chief


In the OA, there are three big annual events. Pow-Wow, Ordeal, and Conclave. What is a Conclave? LOTS OF FUN!! All of the Chapters in the Wiatava Lodge will get to compete against the other 3 lodges in the section W4B. There will be Sports, Indian Dancing, Camp Promo, and Classes to help you better understand the OA. so if you want to go, you can sign up at and only at that site. The cost for Conclave is going to be $25.00 for the youth and $30.00 for adults. But, if you have never been to a Section Conclave before the cost is only $19.95!!! Ok, we'll hope to see you there!!


This year is turning out to be very exciting. so many things to do though. For starters, you can put this on your check list of things to do, make newsletter articles. If you can't go to the Board Meeting , that's ok, all you have to do is click here . Thanks and hope that we have a great year. And also, some of you might have figured out that it is hard to get me through the phone, so if any of you guys have instant messenger or anything, my screen name is psychokila426 , so you can talk to me because I'm probably on line.

- Craig C.

Monthly Riddle

Use me well and I am everybody,
Scratch my back and I am nobody.
What am I?

Answer to last month's riddle:
You light the match


Ordeal is coming, Ordeal is coming!!!
That's right, the most important event of the year is just over the horizon and we will have a fresh batch of Candidates after the Camporee . We need you all to come so we can have enough Elangomats and workers to help out. Also, come to the next meeting and join one of the Ceremony Teams and participate in one of the most important events an Arrowman will ever experience!

Chapter Webmaster

Have you visited the Crow Website lately? If not, why not come and take a look at: The site has grown considerably in the last few months. There are almost 600 links to information, pictures, stories, past newsletters, history, and anything else I could find. The only thing missing is a personal touch from the members.

What I have in mind is to offer each member his own Webpage (or 2). If you have OA related talents like instructions on building drums, regalia, sand painting patterns or anything else of interest to other OA members everywhere we can put your page in the Member's Area. If what you have to share is not of general interest to OA or Scouting, but only to the Crow membership, your page can be placed behind the password in the Members Only area. You don't need to make your own, I will make the pages for you ! Send me the stuff and tell me what you want it to look like. and I'll do my best to give it to you. (If you don't know the password to check out the Members Only section, ask a Board Member or send me an E-mail.) Don't delay, express yourself on the World Wide Web, you may never have a better opportunity.

If you don't feel creative this week, at least go explore the site. While your there, please fill out the E-mail List form in the Member's Area so I can send you announcements when other members get their webpages done. Any submissions, suggestions or comments are always welcome. To email me, use the links that are all over the site or type your own to: . I hope to hear from you soon.

- Jene Roach
Crow Chapter Webmaster

Troop Rep

Hey, we need info on Troop Reps from other Troops. If your Troop has one have him call me.

- Alex G.
Troop Rep

2003 Dues are Due!!

It's time to pay your 2003 dues. The cost remains at a low $10.00 for the year. Dues can be paid at any Chapter Meeting, at Camporee, or they can be mailed to:
Chapter Adviser
2821 Hemlock Place
Fullerton, CA 92835
Remember, only current members (those with their dues paid) can continue to wear the OA Lodge Flap on their uniform!


April 24 Chapter Meeting @ Emanuel Lutheran Church, 7:30pm
May 2 - 4 Conclave
May 8 Chapter Board Meeting @ LDS Stake Fullerton, 7:30pm
May 17 Scout-O-Rama
May 22 Chapter Meeting @ Emanuel Lutheran Church - La Habra, 7:30pm
May 30 - 31 Ordeal at Lost Valley

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