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The Crow's Nest
Order of the Arrow

August 2003

Crow Chief

YOGI BLEEDS GREEN! Every good Crow knows this, but we have not been able to prove this fact for many years. But this year it all changes. If the Crows can pull together and have a fabulous showing at Pow-Wow and I mean FABULOUS - more than 40 youth, victory will be ours! The Pow-Wow committee is working hard making props and spirit items. If you all will participate, the bear will surely be ours, and we can finally prove to all other Chapters and the Lodge itself what we all have known since the beginning - that Crow is simply the best Chapter in the Lodge. C-R-O-W!!! So be at Pow-Wow and help Crow achieve our greatness. Remember, if you worked the Clean-Up shift at Corn Festival, you get 10 dollars off!
Hope to see you all there.

- Pat Willard
Chapter Chief

Vice Chief of Service

Fellow OA People

Hi! This is Justin, your Vice-Chief of Service. If you weren't there at Corn Festival, it was great! I was there at night and it went really well. More people should have gone though. I also need people, mostly youth, to work at Lodge Ordeal. If you have any questions, call Pat Willard.

- Justin V.
Vice Chief of Service


Fellow Scouts and Scouters,

It's time to pay your dues! Dues are $10.00 and make checks payable to "Boy Scouts of America." Please get your dues in as soon as Possible and thanks if you already have.

- Chris F.

Vigil Chief

I'm not at liberty to say.

Yours in Scouting,
- Robert M.
Vigil Chief

Indian Affairs

Join Indian Affairs, dance, drumming, ceremonies, and all the other fun things...or else, muha ha ha ha cough cough ha ha... join. We need people to do ceremonies for POW-WOW!!! You must go and perform this duty for your chapter your chapter wants you. I have a juicy fruit attack cat.

- Justin C.
Vice Chief of Indian Affairs

2003 Summer Trade-O-Ree

The Lodge Trade-O-Ree was held last weekend at Orange Coast College. If you missed it, you can look forward to the next one in February, 2004!

Monthly Riddle


  • 26 - Letters IN THE Alphabet
  • 7 = Wonders OF THE World
  • 001 = Arabian Nights
  • 2 = Signs OF THE Zodiac
  • 54 = Cards IN A Deck
  • 9 = Planets IN THE Solar System
  • 88 = Piano Keys
  • 13 = Stripes ON THE American Flag
  • 32 = Degrees Fahrenheit AT Which Water Freezes 18 = Holes ON A Golf Course
  • 90 = Degrees IN A Right Triangle
  • 200 = Dollars FOR Passing Go IN Monopoly
  • 8 = Sides ON A Stop Sign
  • 4 = Quarts IN A Gallon
  • 24 = Hours IN A Day
  • 1 = Wheel ON A Unicycle
  • 5 = Digits IN A Zip Code
  • 57 = Heinz Varieties
  • 11 = Players ON A Football Team
  • 1000 = Words That A Picture IS Worth
  • 29 = Days IN A Leap Year
  • 64 = Squares ON A Chessboard
  • 3 = Blind Mice (See How They Run)
  • 101 = Dalmatians
  • 9 = Innings IN A Baseball Game
  • 66 = Books IN THE Bible
  • 40 = Noah Sailed Forty Days And Forty Nights
  • 360 = Degrees IN A Circle
  • 50 = States IN THE Union
  • 20,000 = Leagues Under THE Sea
  • 1760 = Yards IN A Mile


Only one color, but not one size, Stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies. Present in sun, but not in rain, Doing no harm, and feeling no pain. What is it?

Looking for a Few Good Officers

Nominations have been opened for Crow Chapter's 2003-2004 officers. If you are interested in running for a position, or would like more information on a position, please contact Pat Willard, Chapter Chief or Ron Price, Chapter Adviser. Nominations will be taken at the August Chapter Meeting and the September Board Meeting. Elections will be held at the September Chapter Meeting. Help share the future of Crow, run for office!


Fellow Arrowmen,

Ok. We had the articles down 3 months ago, but it has been going down hill since then. So, I would like it if you guys were to keep giving me the articles. Even though I wasn't at the meeting, that doesn't mean there is no way to give me the article. You can always type it up and e-mail it to me at

Yours in Scouting,
- Craig C.


August 28 Chapter Meeting, Emmanuel Lutheran Church - La Habra, 7:30 PM
September 11 Chapter Board Meeting, LDS Stake Center on Euclid, 7:30 PM
September 12 - 14 Lodge-Pow-Wow at Lost Valley Scout Ranch (See the Flyer)
September 25 ELECTION NIGHT at the Chapter Meeting, Emmanuel Lutheran Church - La Habra, 7:30 PM

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