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The Crow's Nest
Order of the Arrow

February 2002

Chapter Chief

Image of Chief in Relief

My Fellow Arrowmen:

We did a GREAT JOB at January's meeting on attendance. Now, more than ever, the need for Arrowmen is high. We have many opportunities coming up for Arrowmen to get involved. Ceremony Teams for Ordeal and Pow Wow are starting up. There are positions that need to be filled. Indian Dancers for Blue and Gold Dinners are also big in demand.

Please to back to each of your Troops and make sure that they are appointing an OA Troop Rep. Also remember, to have a patch on your uniform, you must have your dues paid. They are $10 this year.

I will see you at the February 28 th meeting.

- Robert M.
Chapter Chief

The Vice Chief of Service


We have an exciting service/fellowship opportunity coming up in March. The Crow Chapter has been asked to support a Lodge service project down at the Lost Valley Scout Reservation. In addition to the hours of service, we will have opportunities to have fellowship with other Arrowmen. Crow has been asked to repaint the Grace Pump House. If you have never had a chance to stay in staff city, here's your chance.

More details can be found in the enclosed flyer. if you plan to attend, please let me know either via email or phone. Click here if you need my phone number or email. That way, if there is a postponement due to severe weather, I can contact everyone before they make the trip to the valley.

I would like to see a large turnout for this activity. Let's show the rest of the Lodge why Crow is the "Service Chapter"

Yours in Scouting,

- Trey C.
Vice Chief of Service

Just for Laughs

Robert: Knock, knock!

Melton: Who's there?

Robert: Boo!

Melton: Boo who?

Robert: Why are you crying?

Vice Chief of Indian Affairs

My Fellow Arrowmen,

This is Kevin H. and I am Vice Chief of Indian Affairs. If you have not signed up for Ceremonies yet, sign up now.


Thank you to those who have signed up and I will see you ALL at the next Chapter meeting.

-Kevin H.
Vice Chief of Indian Affairs

Vice Chief of Activities

Fellow Arrowmen,

I need your help! If you have any ideas for games or snacks, let me know. Tell me at the meeting, or call me. Click here if you need my phone number.

-Kyle Z..
Melton: Who's there?

Robert: Boo!

Vice Chief of Activities

Camping Promotion

My Fellow Arrowmen,

I am looking for you help in the challenging Camping Promotion year ahead. If you are interested, please call me. Click here if you need my phone number.

-Justin W.
Vice Chief of Camping Promotion

Vigil Vice Chief

My Fellow Arrowmen,

At this time I have no comment.

- Andrew D.
Vigil Vice Chief

Who Is This Person?

  • Founded company in the early 60's
  • Fired in the 80's
  • Hired back in the 90's
  • Own's a football team
  • Owns a corporate jet
  • Proud of his family tree
  • Seen on TV all the time
  • Has a strong support staff that can be seen on many cars
  • He likes everything jumbo
  • On the cutting edge of high-tech food transporters


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The Liaison

Attention all Troop Reps!

We still need you to keep working on your Troops. Get everyone to pay their dues. Also, we need people to come to the meetings! We are working on the first meeting date. Hope to see ya' soon!

-Sean R.
Liaison to OA Troop Reps

Wiatava Lodge #13
Lost Valley Service Project

WHEN: Friday, March 8 th - Saturday, March 9 th , 2002

WHERE: Lost Valley Scout Reservation - Northwestern corner of San Diego County, off of Highway 79 between Temecula and Warner Springs.

TIME: Arrive Friday night 8:30 - 9:00pm or Saturday morning arrive at 7:30am. Projects start at 8:00am and will end about 4:00pm Saturday.

WHAT: We will be painting several areas of the camp. Also, there are fences that need to be repaired and painted.

BRING: Wear clothing that can be painted in. Bring lots of sunscreen and warm clothing for the evening. There might be some snow.

CAMP: The staff cabins are open to anyone who comes up Friday night. Food and lodging will be FREE!

This is not only a service project but it is also a fellowship activity. there will be a volleyball tournament and other fun activities during free time on Friday and Saturday.

Chapters must have trip tickets and permission slips for all members attending

For more information, please contact Josh I.

"Lodge Service is Chapter Service organized by the Lodge."

Wiatava Lodge #13
Community Service Project

WHEN: Saturday, April 20 th , 2002

WHERE: Mile Square Park, Fountain Valley

TIME: Arrive 7:00am, release about 11am

WHAT: Support Project Cuddle's 3K and 5K (run/walk)

ACTIVITY: Help with setup of the event, "check in" administration, parking guides, the runners on the course and do the Opening Flag Ceremony.

It is reported that food will be provided by Outback Steakhouse and others.

Chapters must have trip tickets and permission slips for all members attending

For more information, please contact Josh I.

"Lodge Service is Chapter Service organized by the Lodge."


Clue: "I have a Golden Secret!"

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