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The Crow's Nest
Order of the Arrow

January 2003

Chapter Chief

My Brothers,

Hello, my name is Pat W. and I will be the Chapter Chief for the 2003 year. In order to start the year off right, the Chapter needs you at the next meeting where we will discuss much that is coming up this year and some of the changes that may be coming. Also, the Chapter needs to get acquainted with the new Board and Advisers. During the meeting, Indian Affairs will be recruiting for the Ceremonies Teams this year as well as Elangomats for Ordeal. We need to unite and focus on what we can do to make this year a great year for Crow .

Hope to see you all there.
- Pat W.
Chapter Chief

Vice Chief
of Camping Promotions

I am back for another year in Camp Promo. And, this one I am hoping to be better. Please help me if you can. Thanks.

- Justin W.

Vigil Chief

I'm not at liberty to say.

- Robert M.
Vigil Chief

Wiatava Trade-O-Ree

February 21 & 22, 2003

  • Donor Patches for a $50 memorabilia donation
  • Attendee patch for a $10 cash donation
  • Bid Numbers $3 & Tables $15
Friday - February 21 (6 - 10pm) and
Saturday - February 22 (8am - 3pm)
Orange Coast College Student Union
For more info:
(714) 858-8684


All I really have to say about this year is that everybody that has a position should be giving me their articles or e-mailing them to me. For those who don't know my e-mail address, click here . Well, besides that I am hoping for a good year so keep giving me articles and if you have an idea for the newsletter, tell me and I will see what I can do.

- Craig C.

Executive Vice Chief

Dear Arrowmen,

This is Trey C., your 2003 Executive Vice Chief for the Crow Chapter. I am here to talk to you about the great year we hve planned fot his year, it is going to be a fun, but also a very strenuous year. But, if we work together, we can do the work and get to the fun stuff a lot faster. So, on that note we should get down to business and have the greatest year for 2003, maybe even double our hours in Service and come away, once again, with the Chapter Service Award for the year. In my opinion, I would like at least 2 more years in a row, but you know that I acn't do it alone, I need your help to do this. We're all brothers and if we stick together we can do anything. Thanks for your time.

Yours in Service
- Trey C.
Executive Vice Chief


  • January 23: Chapter Meeting @ Emanuel Lutheran Church, 7:30pm
  • February 13: Board Meeting @ LDS Stake Bldg. On Euclid 7:30pm
  • February 21 - 22: Trade-O-Ree @ Orange Coast College
  • February 27: Chapter Meeting @ Emanuel Lutheran Church, 7:30pm

Monthly Riddle

There is a common English word that is nine letters long. Each time you remove a letter from it, it still remains an English word - from nine letters right down to a single letter. What is the original word, and what are the words that it becomes after removing one letter at a time?

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