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The Crow's Nest
Order of the Arrow

July 2002

Chapter Chief

Image of Chief in Relief

My Fellow Arrowmen:

As you know, we have a couple of events coming up on our calendars... Corn Festival and Pow Wow .

The Festival is coming up this year and we are going to need a lot of help. There will be many sign-ups at our next Chapter meeting. There will be day and night time shifts available.

Also, Pow Wow is right around the corner, so if anyone has any ideas for Spirit Teams, they will be apprecieated and will be able to be turned in at the next meeting.

Remember: The next Chapter Meeting will be at El Centro Park on Cypress. See you there.

Yours in Fellowship,
- Robert M.
Chapter Chief

The Executive Vice Chief

My Brothers,

Corn Festival is fast approaching and we want to see you all there. The Chapter needs all the help it can get to pull this together, expecially on SUNDAY NIGHT.

We need everyone to put in some time. Particularly on SUNDAY NIGHT.

Those of you there on SUNDAY NIGHT will receive a very special gift. Hope to see you all there.

In brotherhood,
- Pat W.
Executive Vice Chief

Just for Laughs

Question: How do you cure a headache?

Answer: Put your head throught a window and the pane will disappear.

Inflation : Something that cost $5 last year and costs $10 this year.

Vice Chief of Service

Dear Arrowmen,

Crow has a long history of sevice to the community. within the Lodge, we have searned Sevice Chapter of the Year more times than any other Chapter. This is the good news. I must report that I feel that we are fallen behind this year in service hours.

We still have dedicated Arrowmen in the Chapter that come out and support our service projects. Unfortunately, I see the same faces project after porject. Where are all my other brothers? You, who have earned you sash, remember you also have an obligation to cheerful service that goes with the wearing of that sash. The time is NOW to renew you commitment to your Obligation. It is time to give back to the community.

Fortunately, we have a service project coming up that is not only worthy of your participation, but is a lot of fun too. Now, whatever could I be talking about? Well, it's almost time for Corn Festival . What is Corn Festival , you ask? Probably the most fun you will have in a service project. Every year the City of La Habra has a carnival set up in Dl Centro Park called the Corn Festival . This year the dates are Junly 31 st to August 4 th .

For years, the Crow Chapter has provided security, traffic control and clean up for this 5 days of festival. What's fun about htis? Well, where else can you hang our with your friends, stay up all night long, and get well fed for very little work?? Only at the corn Festival ! Please come to our July Chapter Meeting (which will be held in El Centro Park) and sign up for your time slot. Hurry, the time to commit is NOW!

If you have any questions, contact your Troop OA Representative or any Member of the Board. we want the biggest turn out ever for this year's Corn Festival !

Yours in Scouting,
-Trey C.
Vice Chief of Service

The Webmaster

Great news! Your Chapter's website has been selected by the Orange County Council as Web Site of the Month for July. What this means is: The Chapter has a pretty cool site and you should visit! . If you don't know, the website's address is:

In moving through the site you should notice how much room there is for expansion. For example, none of the Board Members have submitted anything at all (you should all feel terribly guilty!). "The Board" section is also a perfect place for "news flashes" like the one that is running there now.

There is also this great place for Pictures of Chapter activities, but only one picture. Doesn't anyone have a camera? Pictures can be delivered by eMail, CD, or just pictures I can scan. If I get them, I can put them on the site.

There is also a Calendar Page of all of the Chapter activities. This can be quickly added to or corrected, so it should be the most up to date information available but I have only received one update for the Calendar (thank you, Albertus!)

In the History Library , I found two great articles about OA, one national and one local, but I am sure there is much more information to be told. There is great information there, check it out! [Did you know that "Wiatava" is the Cupeno Indian name for "Lost Valley"?] If you know any more, send it to me!

In Crow Chronicles , Justin's hard work in being persevered for the international community with copies of "The Crow's Nest" on line.

Downloads is for useful forms and files. If you have any on your computer, send them to me and tell me what format they are in. (including MAC files, if anyone has them).

Now, JUST FOR FUN, there is a Member's Area section on the Web Site. Since only Scout Business should be presented to the general public on the District Site, I set up this area for you all to contribute, jokes, pictures, stories, artwork, favorite web links or any other TASTEFUL items you would like to share only with other members. I don't want to publish the password, for obvious reasons, so ask a Board Member, my son Sean Roach, or Justin Vombaur for the password. There is also a link to send me an eMail requesting the password. Pass it around freely, but only to Crow Chapter members, please! And, start sending me fun stuff to put there. [Be nice,.......... I will publish your stuff under YOUR NAME, no anonymous material!]

Well, I think you all have the idea now. If everyone really wants to start using this site it could be a great tool and great fun. If we really put together a "Show Piece" with great histories, pictures, etc. I can even submit the site to the Search Engines so other Chapters will see it and be very jealous [as is only proper]. I've had a lot of fun putting this site together so far, and I'm proud of it, but now you all need to jump in and help make it great.

There are links all over the site to "Webmaster". They all lead to me and most have information to tell me where, in the site, you are sending from so I know what it's about. Hope to hear from you soon!

-Jene R.
Crow Chapter Webmaster

Pow Wow

Come for a great time of fellowsip, spirit and fun . We are to defend our name in battles of excitement, wit and fun. As defending champs of tug-o-war, water polo, sports over-all and fun, we want to see all of you there. The dates are September 13 th through September 15 th . Remember, YOGI IS COMING HOME!

-Anonymous Writer

News from the Lodge

At the June Lodge Meeting a new Lodge Chief was electd. He is one of our own from Crow . The new Lodge Chief is Andrew (Drew) D. If you see him at Lost Valley this Summer, say hi!

-John Doe.

Calendar for This Year

July 2002

Thursday, July 11 Chapter Board Meeting
Saturday, July 13 Lodge Meeting Beach Party
Thursday, July 25 Chapter Meeting
El Centro-Lyons Park
201 N. Cypress St., La Habra
Saturday, July 27 National OA Conference
Sunday, July 28 National OA Conference
Monday, July 29 National OA Conference
Tuesday, July 30 National OA Conference
Wednesday, July 31 National OA Conference
Corn Festival Service Project @ El Centro-Lyons Park

August 2002

Thursday, August 1 National OA Conference
Corn Festival Service Project @ El Centro-Lyons Park
Friday, August 2 Corn Festival Service Project @ El Centro-Lyons Park
Saturday, August 3 Corn Festival Service Project @ El Centro-Lyons Park
Sunday, August 4 Corn Festival Service Project @ El Centro-Lyons Park
Thursday, August 8 Chapter Board Meeting
Thursday, August 22 Chapter Meeting

September 2002

Thursday, September 5 Lodge Meeting
Thursday, September 12 Chapter Board Meeting
Friday, September 13 Pow Wow - Lost Valley
Saturday, September 14 Pow Wow - Lost Valley
Sunday, September 15 Pow Wow - Lost Valley
Thursday, September 26 Chapter Meeting

October 2002

Thursday, October 3 Lodge Meeting
Thursday, October 10 Chapter Board Meeting
Thursday, October 24 Chapter Banquet/Meeting
Emanuel Lutheran Church
La Habra


chapter Meetings are on the fourth Thursday of the month.

Anyone who gets the Hangman and the Guess the Person game and attends the Chapter meeting will receive a prize of some sort.

Board Member elections are in September. Nominations are being taken now.

Who Is This Person?

  • Is always hungry
  • His friend is always hungry also
  • Has his own TV series
  • Has his own movie
  • Gets chased around a lot
  • Steals his friend's food alot
  • Is a kind of a scaredy cat


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Clue: "New Horror Movie Coming Out"

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A Map to El Centro / Lions Park

201 N. Cypress St.
La Habra, CA
Map to El Centro Park
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