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The Crow's Nest
Order of the Arrow

July 2004

Chapter Chief

My Fellow Arrowmen,

We are now half way through the year and the Crow Chapter and Wiatava Lodge are still moving forward to provide some of the most fun and memorable events in our Scouting careers.

On a very important note the beach bonfire has been pushed back to an undecided date because the board is unsure about its interest. If you would like spend time at the beach and have a bar-b-que with the Chapter please sign the flyers for those activities and any other ones you may be interested in.

Coming up the first week of August is the Chapter's big fundraiser and service project. At El Centro Park in La Habra, Crow will be working as staff at the Lions Club annual Corn Festival from August 4 th -8 th . We will be managing the gates during the day from Friday to Sunday. Also every evening, beginning Wednesday we work security for the parks rides. This is a lot of fun and a very easy way to earn service hours for the Chapter.

Sunday night at the Cora Festival is the big clean up. The more help we get the faster we get things done. Also as an incentive every Arrowman that helps clean up from 7pm to 12 Midnight will receive a $10 discount on the price of Pow-Wow. This is also the ONLY way to earn this amazing offer and is well worth it.

Get ready to see the gigabytes fly as the Crow Chapter Prepares for its first ever LAN (local area network) party. All you will need is a computer with a network connection and a will to defeat everyone else in the Chapter at your favorite multi-player computer games. It will be an all night party at Emmanuel Lutheran Church from August 28 th to the 29 th .

During the weekend of September 10-12 the Wiatava Lodge will be having our annual Pow-Wow. Here we will compete against other Chapters to find out who the best Chapter in the Lodge is. And the only for us to win is for you to participate and help out. People are needed to do everything from making spirit items, running the camp promo booth, competing in ceremonies, and competing in sports. It is a lot of fun and a great event for new Arrowmen to learn about the OA.

Lastly there is a slight change in the chapter meeting place this month. Instead of meeting at Emmanuel Lutheran we will meet at El Centro Park, site of the Corn Festival. Also the meeting will start at 6:30 pm so we can have the full advantage of daylight for our meeting. Be sure to wear a class B uniform so you can play games like Frisbee, soccer, or basketball with other chapter members. There will also be hamburgers and hot dogs that we will be barbecuing in case you get hungry. So join the fun at the Chapter picnic.

Yours in Brotherhood,
- Justin W.
Chapter Chief


Howdy y'all,

I would appreciate it if all y'all other board members would give me your articles via e-mail or in disk format (please, it saves me time and patience). Thanks.

As a new feature of this year's newsletter, there is a "Free-for-all" section for anyone who wants to put his or her two cents in. It will be open for upcoming events, questions or even if you just need a ride to the meeting; here's your place. I ask that you send it to me by the second Friday of the month so I can make sure that it gets in the newsletter. We still didn't get any yet and there is always space. And there are still several unknown addresses in our chapter... these will be posted each month. Here are this month's:

- Raymond Crosslin If you have their correct address, please contact me with 'em. Thanks all,

- Alex Gray
Executive Assistant

O.A. Troop Rep

Become a troop representative today!! Every one wants to! It's the new thing...haven't you heard? And all you need to join is your scoutmasters permission, first class, and to talk to me. To do the third part, you can either call me, email me , or you can just go to the next meeting!!!! Then WaBam you become an OA Troop Rep.

Contact me to receive further details.

- Chuckie C..
Troop Rep.

Vice Chief of Camp Promotions

I, Bobby Vaughn, is almost done with his work. Bobby Vaughn is 50% done and is going fast, although I am having trouble reaching certain troops. So if your troop is a quiet one call Bobby Vaughn today!


- Bobby V.
VC Camp Promotions

Upcoming Events

July 22 - Thursday - 6:30 pm -Chapter Meeting
El Centro Park, La Habra (BBQ) Class B Uniform,

July 24 - Saturday - Bonfire - Huntington Beach
(more info at Chapter meeting)

August 4-8 - Wed -Sun - Corn Festival
El Centro Park, La Habra

August 12 - Thursday - 7:30 - Chapter Board Meeting

August 24 - Thursday - 7:30 pm - Chapter Meeting
Emmanuel Lutheran Church, La Habra

August 28-29 - Sat/Sun - LAN Party
Emmanuel Lutheran Church, La Habra

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