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The Crow's Nest
Order of the Arrow

June 2002

Chapter Chief

Image of Chief in Relief
My Brothers:

Welcome to all our new brothers. We will be having a special treat at our next Chapter meeting to welcome our newest members. Come one, come all! Come see one of out Lodge's greatest, Mr. Jeffrey R. in a spectacular Indian Affairs Presentation! Oh, and don't forget our annual tradition. Formerly known as "The Trough", now it's the "Ice Cream Social".

We have a lot of new things planned and coming up. Be at the meeting to learn about all the fun activities. Remember that the meeting is on Thursday, 7:30pm, June 24 th at Emanuel Lutheran Church (on Palm, north of Sonora High School), the same place the downhill meeting was held.

Thank you, and we'll see you there.

Yours in Brotherhood,
- Robert M.
Chapter Chief

From the Chapter Secretary


Newsletters are doing great! I just need people to turn in the articles on time. If the Board Meeting was cancelled, drop the articles off at my house, Mrs. D's house, or fax me at my home phone number. Click here if you need my phone number.

- Justin Vombaur
Chapter Secretary

Just for Laughs

Why is twice ten twice eleven?

Because twice ten is twenty and twice eleven ti twenty too.

Q: There were ten zebras in a zoo. But all nine escaped. How many were left?

A: Nine

Vice Chief of Elangomats

Hey Brothers,

This is Shea N. , your Vice Chief of Elangomats! I hope you accept my apologies and forgive me.

I do not have anything important or interesting to tell you, so I am not able to communicate with you.

-Shea N.
Vice Chief of Elangomats

The Liaison

Hey guys,

I still need those names. If you are interested, talk to your Scoutmaster and have him call me. Click here if you need my phone number. Remember, it counts toward a rank advancement also! So, sign up!

-Sean R.
Liaison to Troop Reps

Camping Promotion

My Fellow Arrowmen,

I have nothing to tell you.

-Justin W.
Vice Chief of Camping Promotion

From The Chapter Advisor

We are looking for Den Chiefs for Wolf, Bear, and Weblos Scout Twilight Camp. It will be held on the week of July 8 - 12 at Ralph B. Clark Park, and they are looking for Den Chiefs. There is a MANDATORY Den Chief meeting on Wednesday, June 26, at 7:00pm at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. It's address is:
111 W. Las Palmas Drive, Fullerton (corner of Harbor and Las Palmas).
The day camp is a lot of fun and there are GIRL DEN CHIEFS ! If you are interested or if you have any questions, please call Kim J. , the camp director. Click here if you need her phone number.

I would also like to thank everyone who helped make our Ordeal weekend a great success. Lost Valley and the Orange County Council Staff were extremely pleased with all of the work we accomplished. I would especially like to thank all of the members who worked with and in the clams, in the kitchen, and who were doing water and supply runs. Your dedication truly showed and it was the main reason for the siccess of the weekend. Its looks like we got in an exceptional group of new memebers. I look forward to getting to know each of you better through this next year.

I would also like to congratulate all of our new brotherhood members who sealed their membership the the Order over the weekend, and thank our ceremony teams and the ceremony site staff who did a truly exceptional job.

There is service project help needed. It is with the American Cancer society Relay for Life. It is at Fullerton High School Stadium (corner of Lemon and Berkeley). They have requested our help with set-up and tear-down of some of their events for the weekend. The dates are:

Friday, June 28 th 10am - 2pm,
Saturday, June 29 th 8am - noon [and]
Sunday, June 30 th 10am - 2pm
You can volunteer for all or any of the dates above and the times. We will have a sigh-up at the Chapter Meeting or you can call me.

We also have several service and activity opportunities coming up, the largest being Corn Festival. Please make sure you sign up to help. Special rewards await those who work on clean-up staff Sunday night! Please mark your calendar for Pow-Wow weekend, which is at Lost Valley, on September 13 - 15. For new OA members, Pow-Wow is a competitive event between all of the Chapters (Districts) in the Lodge (Orange County Council). There will be team and individual sports, Indian dancing, sandpainting, Indian crafts, and lots and lots of fun. This is one event you don't want to miss. Let's see if we can win Yogi this year !!!!

- Cindy G.
Chapter Advisor


Chapter meetings are on the fourth Thursday of the month. The next meeting will be on the 27 th , at 7:30pm.

Anyone who gets the Hangman and the Guess the Person game and attends the Chapter meeting will receive a prize of some sort.

Who Is This Person?

  • Green
  • Misunderstood
  • Lives in solitude
  • Has a friend that is also a misfit
  • Lives in a Swamp
  • Enjoys living alone
  • Girlfriend changes during the night
  • He goes on a quest that sends him on another quest
  • He is a misfit
  • He is part of "unheard of until now" fairy tale


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