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The Crow's Nest
Order of the Arrow

March 2002

Chapter Chief

Image of Chief in Relief

My Fellow Arrowmen:

Once again, THE YOUTH RULE!!! We have out numbered the adults for two months in a row!!! Congratulations to all of you.

Now that we have increased our numbers at the meetings, we need to increase participation at Chapter events. There will be so many things coming up in the next month to get involved in.

Conclave is coming up. So please, be at the meeting this month to learn about it all.

Also, I would like to congratulate Ms. Carol D. on receiving the Silver Beaver Award. This is an esteemed honor and she should be acknowledged. Please take the time to congratulate her. Thank you.

Yours in Scouting,
- Robert M.
Chapter Chief

The Vice Chief of Indian Affairs

Hello again, I'm Kevin H. and I feel like writing an essay. As most of you know, I am the Vice Chief of Indian Affairs. I organize the dances, ceremonies, and other Indian activities.

The dances for the year are almost over. I would like to expecially thank Jonathan Z. , who attended 6 out of the 6 dances with me. Also, Cindy G. attended 5 dances and Sterling D. who showed up to 4.

Contrary to dancing, ceremonies is just beginning. We have a lot of people already, but we still need more. Ceremonies is very fun to do. we get to see all the candidates, and they remember you as the Indian you will represent. The first meeting will be a barbeque party. We need you! For more information on ceremonies, call me. Click here if you need my phone number.

Even though dances are over, you can still send me a letter, or just call me and i will call you when they resume next year.

I believe that covers everything, so I will end this letter soon, but not yet. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this extremely well written letter. Once again, call me is you are interested in joining the ceremonies team.

Thank you and farewell.

- Kevin H.
Vice Chief of Indian Affairs

Just for Laughs

Patient: Doctor, I have an eggplant growing out of my ear!

Doctor: It must be very annoying.

Patient: I know. I planted radishes!

Claustrophobia: Fear of Santa

Vice Chief of Elangomats

Hey Brothers,

This is Shea N. , your Vice Chief of Elangomats! I have not yet written to you in any of the fliers.

Please, bear with me. I need to know who is planning to be an elangomat. If you are an Ordeal member, it is mandatory to be one if you plan on moving to Brotherhood. Elangomat training will be on Thursday, April 25 th (be there).

See you later! Ciao for now!

-Shea N.
Vice Chief of Elangomats

The Liaison

Hey you guys,

I still need Troop Reps. Ask your Scoutmasters to assign or to elect a Troop Rep and to call me with the names and numbers, please!. Click here if you need my phone number.

Also remember that at camporee, OA will be doing a uniform inspection. if you have an OA pocket patch on, and your dues are not paid, your Troop will be docked points! SO PAY YOUR DUES!

-Sean R.
Liaison to Troop Reps

Camping Promotion

My Fellow Arrowmen,

Do you feel left out in the Chapter? Would you like to visit other Troops? If yes, then join the Camp-Promo Team. Just call me. Click here if you need my phone number.

-Justin W.
Vice Chief of Camping Promotion

The Treasurer

Hello, I am Jonathon Z. and this is my first time as Treasurer. I have no idea what to write about, but i would like to thank someone in particular..., Mr.P . He has helped me since I began. And also, Kevin H. (for no particular reason).


- Jonathon Z.


It is $29 (for registration and food) if you go with the Chapter to Camporee. At Camporee there will be gourmet food.
Did you know?
Every four seconds a can of Spam is opened.

All money for Camporee and conclave needs to be turned in at the this Chapter meeting. So, bring your money.

Vice Chief of Lodge Service


This year had been an awesome year of cheerful service. We have had two very successful service projects: The first at Sea Base; the second at Lost Valley. I am so happy to see our Chapter participating. I hope to see all of you at the next Lodge service project (held at Mile Square Park). This is a run/walk marathon on Saturday, April 20 th , from 7am to 11am. As an added abonus, Outback Steak House will be providing lunch for free. So, go to the service project and have fun!!!

Yours in service,
- Josh I.
Vice Chief of Lodge Service

Who Is This Person?

  • Committed multiple acts of murder
  • He was a doctor
  • Caught by Will Graham
  • Seriously disfigured one victim
  • Lived in Baltimore State Hospital for many years
  • His father was a baron
  • Has books and movies about him
  • Does not like guns; prefers knives
  • Broke out of custody in Memphis
  • Has a certain interest in an FBI agent


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Wiatava Lodge #13
Community Service Project

WHEN: Saturday, April 20 th , 2002

WHERE: Mile Square Park, Fountain Valley

TIME: Arrive 7:00am, release about 11am

WHAT: Support Project Cuddle's 3K and 5K (run/walk)

ACTIVITY: Help with setup of the event, "check in" administration, parking guides, the runners on the course and do the Opening Flag Ceremony.

It is reported that food will be provided by Outback Steakhouse and others.

Chapters must have trip tickets and permission slips for all members attending

For more information, please contact Josh I.

"Lodge Service is Chapter Service organized by the Lodge."

Some Thoughts About the Order


The Order of the Arrow is a very wonderful part of the Boy Scouts of America . it is the national honor society of BSA . The foundations still prevail today. Principles such as brotherhood, cheerfullness, and service are passed to each new generation of Arrowmen. it is an honor to be in the Order. As Allowat Sakima said, "Remember the ones who chose you." Please dedicate yourselves. You will truly benefit. The Order of the Arrow isn't jus work, it is FUN! The Order of the Arrow is what you make of it. So, if you want to heighten your experience as an Arrowman, GET INVOLVED!!!

- Josh I.


Clue: "A day that will live in infamy."

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