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The Crow's Nest
Order of the Arrow

March 2003

Chapter Chief

My Brothers,

March means we are half way to Ordeal , our most important outing of the year. We need help at the Ordeal , both as Elangomats and as participants. The Ceremonies Team also needs people to help out with parts and dances. If you are interested, talk to Justin C. . Elangomats are needed most of all though. If you want to be an Elangomat , find Eric W. , or give him a call. Overall, we need participation at the meeting and at outings. I have noticed at the past two meetings that there have not been very many Arrowmen there, I want this to change. Please come to the meetings! Conclave is on the horizon and we need as many there as we can muster to support the Lodge . Sign up sheets for Ordeal and Conclave will be at the next meeting, so come to the meeting and sign up. I hope to see each and every one of you there.

In Brotherhood,
- Pat W.
Chapter Chief

Chapter Advisor

Hi everyone. This time of year starts all the fun. coming April 25, 26, and 27 th is our District Camporee at Santa Fe Dam. Wow! What a great time it will be seeing who our new Ordeal Candidates will be. Then the following weekend, join your Chief and me at the Section W4B Conclave , in Idylwild, where our Lodge joins up with 5 other Lodges to compete in sports, attend classes on how the OA works, and participate in Indian Dance and Sand Painting competition and Great Fellowship . Our Chapter's Ordeal will be at Lost Valley - May 30, 31 and June 1 . This will be a great weekend where will make new friends and learn more about the Chapters and the Order of the Arrow . Don't miss out on all the fun.

- Ron P.
Chapter Advisor


Well, this time, I got a bunch more articles, but I think we can still do better. If you can't go to the meeting and You have the article, you can just E-mail it to me . Well, thank you and hope you all have fun!

- Craig C.

Vigil Chief

I'm not at liberty to say.

Yours in Scouting,
- Robert M.
Vigil Chief

Monthly Riddle

You have a stove, a fireplace, and an oven. You need to make a fire. what do you light first?

Answer to last months riddle:
C and Y

Troop Rep

Hey, we need info on Troop Reps from other troops. If your troop has one have him call me.

- Alex G..
Troop Rep

Vice Chief of Service

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The month of April is quickly approaching. There are many opportunities to live up to our obligation of cheerful service.
  1. Project Cuddles is a Lodge project to help put on a 5K race to raise money and awareness for infants and children. It will be at Mile Square Park on April 12, 2003.
  2. On April 19, 2003 from 10:00am til 2:00pm members from Crow Chapter will be helping with the bar-b-q for the Commissioner's College . Dan has requested a few people to help prepare, serve and clean up this event.
  3. The Los Amigos Camporee will be held April 25 - 27, 2003. There are may places where we can help.
Sign up sheets and additional details will be at the Chapter Meeting March 27, 2003. Hope to see everyone there, bring a friend with you!

- John M.
Advisor the Vice Chief of Service

Project Cuddles

When:   April 12 th

Where:   Mile Square Park

Time:   8:00am

What We Will Be Doing:   Helping out with races, set up signs and Opening Ceremony

What to Bring:   Yourself

Why You Should Come:   Great Fellowship and FREE FOOD

For more information please contact Nathan A.


In the OA , there are 3 big annual events. PowWow, Ordeal and Conclave . What is a Conclave ? LOTS OF FUN!! All of the chapter in the Wiatava Lodge will get to compete against in other 3 Lodges in the section W4B. There will be spots, Indian Dancing, camp promo, and classes to help you better understand the OA . So, if you want to go, you can sign up at and only at that site. the cost for Conclave is going to be $25.00 for youth and $30.00 for adults. But, if you have never been to a Section Conclave before the cost is only $19.95!! Ok, we'll hope to see you all there!

Vice Chief of Camping Promotions

My Fellow Arrowmen,
Camp Promotions are moving but, as always, your help is needed. If your Troop has not made an appointment for me to come by, please give me a call.

- Justin W.


March 27 Chapter Meeting @ Emanuel Lutheran Church, 7:30pm
April 3 Lodge Meeting @ Council Office, 7:30pm
April 10: Chapter Board Meeting @ LDS Stake Fullerton, 7:30pm
April 12: Lodge Service: Project Cuddles
April 19 Chapter Service: Bar-B-Q 10-12am @ St John's Lutheran Church
Chapter Activity: Midnight Bowling 10-12pm
April 24 Chapter Meeting @ Emanuel Lutheran Church - La Habra, 7:30pm
April 25-27 Camporee

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