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The Crow's Nest
Order of the Arrow

May 2004

Chapter Chief

My Fellow Arrowmen,

The Crow Chapter and Wiatava Lodge are looking for your help. The most important is our Ordeal. This year we called out about 55 people to join our honor society. We are going to need all the help we can get with people being Elengomats to make this Ordeal a great first experience for the new members. Also for those of you who are still an ordeal member now is the time to earn your Brotherhood. We would like to see all of you that have not already done so to be tested this month at the Chapter Meeting.

Also the Lodge Conservation Corps will be having another service project at the Schoepe Scout Reservation at Lost Valley on June 11-13. We will be working hard to help restore the Valley, after the fire damage from last summer.

If you enjoy the thrill of sailing, then the Wiatava Lodge has something for you. The Lodge was recently donated at the sea base a sailing vessel that we plan to use for competitive racing. If you are at all interested you should contact Chris S. , so you don't miss out on this amazing opportunity.

If you know of a Candidate or new Arrowmen, or you your self are interested in going to NOAC there are still slots available. It is not too late to sign up. Please contact Mr. Price, (714)-990-5907. Help be a part of the largest NOAC contingent ever.

Lastly I would like to remind you that the Chapter meeting will be Thursday May 27th at Emmanuel Lutheran Church. I would like you to remind those candidates in your troop that the Downhill Information Meeting will be the same day and place at 6:30 PM. The Chapter Meeting will be directly after words at 7:30. I hope to see you all there and forget to take advantage of these amazing opportunities. This is just a reminder to all officers and advisor that Thursday June 10th will be the board meeting. We need to have articles for Alex and ideas for the meeting. We will also be talking about plans to keep the new members active in the chapter after their ordeal.

Yours in Brotherhood,
- Justin W.
Chapter Chief

Vice Chief of Activities


The bonfire is coming up on June 19. If you want to go, I will get you a permission form. There is also be a pool party for Chapter members on May 22 at the Huscroft's house. There will be video games, food, swimming, sports, and as always, free food. Don't miss out.

"Derm die toden reiten schnel"

- Jessie M.
Long Live the Vice Chief of Activities

Vice Chief of Indian Affairs

Hello all future dance team members,

Alright, last month I wrote a fairly long article explaining the process of joining a dance or ceremony team. In case you missed it, or your puny minds could not comprehend my far too advanced vocabulary, so go re-read it.

Anyways, the need-to-know aspects of it were that these teams are actually fun! They are not boring like being an elangomat. If you don't believe me, talk to a past dance team member and they will concur with me. Give me a call at (714) 529-4940.

- Kevin H.
Vice Chief of Indian Affairs

Vice Chief of Elangomats

Hola fellow arrowmen,

Hi. This is your friendly VC of Elangomats speaking and I would just like to say that Ordeal is coming up and there is always room for more people to join my Elangomat team. If you would like to join up, then you can email me , call me (714) 879-0608, or you can talk to me at the next Board Meeting. If you don't contact me then I'll be forced to start calling you guys and asking you personally for help.

- Craig C..
Vice Chief of Elangomats

Crow Chapter Advisor's Corner

Summer is almost here and school will be ending soon as Crow Chapter kicks off its summer program. We have a lot happening this summer: Ordeal Weekend, Chapter Beach Barbeque, NOAC, Corn Festival, and Lodge Service Projects. One of the key ingredients in all these events is Arrowmen, so do not miss out on the fun.

There are still a few scholarships for Arrowmen to attend either Philmont or Northern Tier OA Trail Crew Program. These are great opportunities to attend one BSA's premier camps for the cost of transportation. If you are interested taking advantage of this excellent opportunity, please contact Justin Wolf at (714) 447-1291 immediately. If you delay the slots will be gone.

As the Chief mentioned in his article Ordeal Weekend is June 4-6, 2004, and the Chapter needs your help to welcome our new members and make the ordeal a successful weekend for them. Also, if you are still an Ordeal member now is the time to renew you commitment to the Order of the Arrow by obtaining you Broth hood Honor. If you have your Brotherhood Honor there is still plenty for you to do. It would be awesome to see every member of Crow Chapter at Ordeal.

Planning for Corn Festival is beginning, so now is the time to get involved in this event. While this is a major service project for the Chapter, it is an extremely fun and exciting event. The Chapter provides 24 hour security for the event during the setup, so it takes a lot of people to cover all the shifts. During the event we provide traffic control at the gates, and at the end of the event we provide final grounds cleanup as well.

Come join the Chapter at our Beach Barbeque to help welcome our new members. Also, planning is beginning for the Lodge Pow Wow in September, and there are many committees that need people to help get ready. To find out more about all these exciting events and additional thing the Chapter and Lodge are planning you'll need to attend the Chapter Meeting on May 27th at Emanuel Lutheran Church on Palm just North of La Habra Blvd. The downhill meeting for new Ordeal members is at 6:30 PM and the main Chapter Meeting is at 7:30 PM. I hope to see all of you there.

- Jeff Wolf
Crow Chapter Advisor

Executive Assistant

I would appreciate it if all y'all other board members would give me your articles via e-mail or in disk format (please, it saves me time and patience). Thanks.

As a new feature of this year's newsletter, there will be a "free for all" section for anyone who wants to put his or her two cents in. It will be open for upcoming events, questions or even if you just need a ride to the meeting; here's your place. I ask that you send it to rne by the second Friday of the month so I can make sure that it gets in the newsletter. We didn't get any yet and there is always space.

Thanks all,

- Alex G.
Executive Assistant
My e-Mail

Crow Chapter Joins with Friends of the Valley
To Install Mile Markers On Valley Road

Trail Markers

If you have been to Schoepe Scout Reservation at Lost Valley (aka Lost Valley) in the last month, then you might have noticed the beautiful new mile markers along the Valley Road. In April members of the Crow Chapter Order of the Arrow joined with the Friends of the Valley to install mile markers along the Valley Road. It was a blisteringly cold and inclement day, and the crew was rained on, snowed on, and hailed on while they were installing the posts. The inclement weather could not dampen or dim the cheerful spirits of the crew as they installed the markers. In addition to marking the mileage, each post is inscribed with a point of the Scout Law. Now, I know that the valley road is only 10 miles long, and there are 12 points to the Scout Law. So what is written on those two extra posts that are not mile markers? Well I guess you will just have to come to the Valley for Ordeal, Summer Camp or a Troop weekend, and watch for the extra posts as you drive the road. Then read them for yourself when you come to them (Hint: When you're looking for them, they are located between miles 7 & 8 and miles 4 & 5. Note: Extra posts are not shown in photo.). Thanks to Crow Chapter and the Friends of the Valley you will always know just where you are on the Valley Road.

Monthly Puzzle

(Find the solution by the Chapter Meeting and you'll get a prize!!!)

Remove 12 letters from the series below so that what remains is a familiar word


Upcoming Events

May 22 - Saturday - Pool Party - Kevin Huscroft's House

May 27 - Thursday
6:30 - Ordeal Downhill Meeting
7:30 pm - Chapter Meeting
Emanuel Lutheran Church, La Habra

June 4-6 - Fri-Sun - Ordeal Weekend - Lost Valley

June 10 - Thursday - 7:30 - Chapter Board Meeting

June 11-13 - Fri-Sun - Lost Valley Conservation Corps. Service Project (Fire Damage)

June 19 - Saturday Bonfire - Huntington Beach

June 24 - Thursday - 7:30 pm - Chapter Meeting - Emanuel Lutheran Church, La Habra

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