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The Crow's Nest
Order of the Arrow

November 2003


Hey everyone,

I think we have had a great year and I know we have done as much as we could do. It's been a lot of fun being the Chief and if I could I would probably do it again. Serving Crow has been a wonderful experience, and I am looking forward to seeing you all at future outings. Thank you for helping make Crow a truly great Chapter

In Brotherhood,
- Pat W.
Chapter Chief

2003 Annual Wiatava Lodge Banquet

Even though the year is almost over, it isn't done yet. There still is the Lodge Banquet . It is going to be on January 10, 2004. It will be held at the Knott's Berry Farm Radisson Resort. There will be everything from awards to the Mrs. Knott's Traditional Chicken Dinner. The cost will be $25 per person and friends and family members are always welcome. If you wish to go, call the Crow Chief Pat at (909) 509-8896. See you there!!

Vice Chief of Camping Promotions

Hey Fellow Arrowmen,

Well the camp promo year was good and I am looking forward to my next year as your new Crow Chief .

- Justin W.
Vice Chief of Camping Promotions

New Officers

  • Chief
    Justin W.
  • Executive Vice Chief
    Sean R.
  • Secretary
    Alex G.
  • Treasurer
    Jonathan Z.
  • Vice Chief of Camping Promotion
    Bobby V.
  • Vice Chief of Service
    Justin V.
  • Vice Chief of Activities
    Jesse M.
  • Vice Chief of Indian Affairs
    Kevin H.
  • Vigil Chief
    Pat W.
  • O.A.Troop Representative
    Chuckie C.
  • Elangomat
    Craig C.


The November and December Chapter Meetings will instead of being on the Fourth Thursday, November 28 and December 25, they will be on the Third Thursday, which will be November 20 and December 18. Be sure to mark your calendars!!!


Fellow Arrowmen,

Ok. We had the articles down 3 months ago, but it has been going downhill since then. So, I would like it if you guys were to keep giving me the articles. You should have articles ready to give me at the Officers Meeting (the 2nd Thursday of each month), or you can always type it up and e-mail it to me .

Yours in Scouting
- Craig C.

Vice Chief of Camping Promotions To Be


My name is Bobby V. and I look forward to working in camp-promo spot next year and hope I will do as good as or better than my predecessor.

Yours in Scouting,
- Bobby V.

OA Troop Representative

OA Type People,

I have 2 months left and I am still going to collect names. If you need a position for rank advancement, call me at (714) 879-2367.

- Alex G.
OA Troop Representative

Vice Chief of Indian Affairs To Be

Kevin H. is your new Vice Chief of Indian Affairs and will actually have dances and good ceremonies. If you want to be on either please swamp his answering machine and mail box w/spam and the other useless info. And don't skimp on... you know... the urn... money.

- Written byp

Vigil Chief

I'm not at liberty to say. Yours in Scouting.

- Robert M.
Vigil Chief

Treasurer To Be

Jonathon Z. is your 2004 Treasurer and he will do an excellent job. Not only does he like to count money and sell stuff, he likes money in general. He promises to not... uh... "lose" any money and will keep the Chapter informed of its finanical status.

Written by
- Kevin H.


Fellow Scouts and Scouters,

Its time to pay your dues! Dues are $10.00 and make checks payable to "Boy Scouts of America." Please get your dues in as soon as Possible and thanks if you already have.

- Chris F.

Vice Chief of Activities

Hey Guys,

We had a great year! Basically all we have left is the banquet in Jan. It's on January 10th at 6:00 p.m. and it's at Knott's Berry Farm Radisson Resort. It's only $25 per person. SO, come and have some fun!

- Sean R.
Vice Chief of Activities

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