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The Crow's Nest
Order of the Arrow

October 2004

Chapter Chief

My Fellow Arrowmen,

The time has come for the wonderful Crow Chapter Banquet. Be sure to come and see what the chapter has been up to for 2004. Who will earn the chapters George McGregor Service Award? Who will be the Arrowmen of the year? Find the answer to these and many other questions on Thursday October 28, 2004. The meeting will start at 7 p.m., and we would like some people to be there around 6:30 to help set up. Oh and did I mention THERE WILL BE FOOD!!! Because it will be a pot luck style dinner, we ask that you bring enough for your group and 2 other people. Feel free to bring your family and friends to this unforgettable night.

The annual Scouting for Food collection is coming up. The official collection day is November 20, 2004. Crow is looking for our Arrowmen to help at the district collection site. The district collection site will be at the LDS church on Euclid. It will be a great way to earn service hours for the chapter, plus will be helping needy people all over Orange County. We will need people to run the collection from 7a.m.-3p.m. Doughnuts and lunch will be provided. Have you heard? The Orange County Council is moving its headquarters. The Wiatava Lodge is looking for Arrowmen to help get the council situated in their new home. The project is planned for December 4, and will most likely involve moving furniture or office supplies. More details as to the times will be announced at the chapter meeting.

December 11, 2004 is the Lodge Officer Training Day at the new Council Service Center. It is mandatory that all of the 2005 Chapter Board members attend the event. Then that night will be our budget meeting at Roundtable Pizza. Don't miss out on the fun of the 2004 Wiatava Lodge Banquet. It will be January 8, 2005 at Knott's Berry Farm. See what type of things the lodge has done this year along with the 2005 Lodge Board. The price is $25 for a night of fun with the lodge. We will also need to design center pieces for the event, so that we can earn the right to be the first to eat.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of the Crow members that showed up, and helped out at the Webelos Camperall. It was a great success and we received lots of hours that will greatly improve our chances for winning the Chapter Service Award. Please be sure to go to the Chapter Banquet, you wont want to miss it!

Yours in Brotherhood,
- Justin W.
Chapter Chief

Crow Chapter Advisor's Corner

I would like to welcome the 7 new members to the Crow Chapter who completed the Fall Ordeal at Oso Lake a few weeks ago. Also, I would like to thank all the 10 current members who helped at the Fall Ordeal. The clans completed every task that was planned and more. Oso Lake is starting to look good, and should be ready for regular use by next Spring. October is an exciting month with a number of great activities. The first activity was the Webelos Camporall weekend at Shabarum Park in Rowland Heights on October 15-17,2004.

The second October is activity is our Annual Banquet. It will be held at Emanuel Lutheran Church on Thursday, October 28, 2004 at 7 PM. Please note the start time is 30 minutes earlier than normal. The banquet is a potluck, so each member should bring enough food for about 4 people. We encourage you to bring your family to this outing. There are many awards that have been earned during 2004 that will be presented there. Also, we will be introducing the 2005 Crow Chapter Board and Advisors. We will be showing off some of the new regalia donated to the Chapter by a Santa Barbara Dance group.

In November we have University of Boy Scouts at Century High School on November 6, 2004. At this event the OA is serving lunch and helping instructors to set up their classrooms. On November 20, 2004 is Scouting for Food, where the OA is running the Los Amigos food collection center. Also, in November is LLD at Los Valley for the Chief, EVC, and their advisors. On December 4, 2004 is a Lodge service project at the new Council Service Center. Then on December 11, 2004 is LOTD for all new Chapter Board Members. Finally in January there is the Lodge Banquet on January 8, 2005.

As the year draws to a close, we will be doing planning for next year. There are many position dance, ceremony, activities, and service teams that need to be filled. Also, we need to get an OA Troop Representative for every Troop. We will be getting ready for the one day JLT class that we are offering to Los Amigos Troop on February 5, 2005. We will need about 15 youth trainers to make the course a complete success. Don't forget that your time counts as service hours.

I look forward to see each and every one of you at the October Chapter Meeting on Thursday, October 28, 2004 at Emanuel Lutheran Church on Palm Street in La Habra starting at 7:00 PM, and at the many exciting activities left in 2004 and early 2005.

- Jeff Wolf
Chapter Advisor

Executive Vice Chief

Hey Guys! This month is the Chapter Banquet! This is where we all get the awards for the year and announce next years board. It will be a potluck. Family and friends are invited so bring enough food for them plus two more. If you're new to the chapter it's a great time to come check it out

- Sean R.


Hey! I would appreciate it if all the other board members would give me your articles via e-mail or in disk format (please, it saves me time and patience). Thanks.

And there are still several unknown addresses in our chapter. These will be posted each month. Here are this month's:

  • Raymond Crosslin
  • Robert Berson-Gallegos
  • Peter Edwards
If you have their correct address, please contact me with 'em.

Thanks all,

- Alex G.
Executive Assistant

Vice Chief of Camp Promotions


Guys, I need a committee to help out in Camp Promo. This is a good way to know wat I do, it's wat I do. All you guys have to do is wait for me to call you and then go to each troop you're assigned. If you try it and like it, you can run against me!!!


- Bobby V.
VC Camp Promotions

Vice Chief of Service

Aloha Dudes!

This is your VC of Service! Sign up at the chapter banquet for Scouting for Food (Nov. 20) and the new Council Center service project (Dec 4). It's really cool and really easy so sign up now and we might get Chapter of the Year Woohoo!!!

- Justin V.
VC Service

Vice Chief of Elangomats

Hey everyone. Come to our next meeting because we are having our chapter banquet. It is a potluck so bring some food and have fun. Plus you get to find out who won awards this year.. .maybe even you!!!

- Craig C.
VC Elangomats

OA Troop Representative

Calling all current members of the OA. If your troop doesn't have a troop representative, call me and sign up now.

- Chuckie C.
OA Troop Rep.

Upcoming Events

October 28 - Thursday - 7:00 pm - Chapter Banquet
Emanuel Lutheran Church, La Habra

November 11 - Thursday - 7:30 - Chapter Board Meeting

November 18 - Thursday - 7:30 pm -Chapter Meeting
Emanuel Lutheran Church - La Habra

December 4 - Saturday - New Council Service Project

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