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The Crow's Nest
Order of the Arrow

September 2004

Chapter Chief

My Fellow Arrowmen,

I would like to start by thanking all of you who went to Pow-Wow. We had a lot of fun showing spirit for Crow Chapter, participating in Indian Affairs, and competing with the other chapters in sports. For those of you that were not there we took 3rd in Tug-O-War, Rife, Archery, Pre-Ordeal Ceremony, and Camping Promotions. Justin Cotterman received 2nd place in the beginning traditional dancing, and Crow took 1st in the wet T-shirt relay. I would like those of you that went to start promoting next years Pow-Wow to your troops so there can be an even bigger turnout and we can take # 1.

This Month is the 2005 Chapter Board elections. Please show up and support the candidates you feel most qualified for the positions of Chief, EVC, VC Service, VC Activities, VC Camp Promo, VC Indian Affairs, Secretary, and Treasurer. If you are interested in running for one of the mentioned positions please show up so you can run. And a reminder to those who have already been nominated; if you will not be at the meeting please send a written copy of your speech to me ( or have a friend bring it to the meeting so it can be read. YOU WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE BALLOT IF YOU ARE NOT THERE OR DO NOT HAVE A WRITTEN SPEECH TURNED IN!!!

Also coming up in October will be the Chapter Banquet. We will be having a pot luck style dinner at the church. The banquet will also begin at 7 PM as opposed to the normal meeting start time of 7:30 PM. Feel free to bring family and friends as we go over the achievements of the Crow Chapter and give out awards that our members have earned during 2004.

Your help is needed!! In 2005 the Crow Chapter is planning to give back to the troops of our district by offering a 1-day JLT course. The date is scheduled for February 5th, 2005 and we are looking for Arrowmen to be instructors. If you are at all interested please come to the chapter meeting and sign-up, so you can be trained to train the leaders of your troop.

I hope to see all of you there, Thursday, September 23 at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in La Habra at 7:30 PM. Because it is the elections it is extremely important that everyone be on time so as not to let your voice go unheard.

Yours in Brotherhood,
- Justin W.
Chapter Chief

O.A. Troop Rep

WANTED! OA Members who would like to have a larger role in the chapter. Must go to troop and chapter meetings regularly, counts towards Rank Advancement and all you have to do is tell your troop what's going on in the chapter and visa-versa. If interested, contact me or talk to me at the next meeting, I'm the red haired kid named Chuckie.

- Chuckie C..
Troop Rep.


Buenos Dias Muchachos!

Make sure that if you owe money now or later to pay me on time!!! Muchas Gracias!

- Jonathan Z.
Troop Rep.



I would appreciate it if all the other board members would give me your articles via e-mail or in disk format (please, it saves me time and patience). Thanks.

And there are still several unknown addresses in our chapter.. .these will be posted each month. Here are this month's:

  • Raymond Crosslin
  • Robert Berson-Gallegos
  • Peter Edwards
If you have their correct address, please contact me with 'em. Thanks all,

- Alex G.
Executive Assistant

Vice Chief of Camp Promotions


Fellas, Fellas, calm down! Next time I'm gonna get a head start on the visitations and have at least double by this time in the year. But if were gonna get 100% I'm gonna need at least 2 guys to help me so if you're interested let me know.


- Bobby V.
VC Camp Promotions

Vice Chief of Service


Justin Vombaur, your VC of Service here, and we've got a few service projects coming up pretty soon. There's the Lost Valley Service Project on October 15-17 there is also the University of Boy Scouting on November 6 and Scouting for Food on November 20. That's pretty much it and we're high in the ranking for the service in the lodge so Bravo.

- Justin V.
VC Service

Vice Chief of Elangomats

We need people for the fall ordeal. We can use at least 5 more guys. It is on the weekend of September 24-25 at Lost Valley. Call me at (714) 879-0608 if you would like to go.

- Craig C.
VC Elangomats

Crow Chapter Advisor's Corner

It seems like the year is racing along at a lighting pace, as we come towards the end of the third quarter. We have just completed the Wiatava Pow Wow at Lost Valley, and Crow Chapter had a strong showing. While we did not capture either of the top two awards 1st Place Sports or Spirit), we did have a strong showing with a 2nd Place over all in Sports, 3rd in Pre-Ordeal, 3rd in Camping Promo, 1st in Adult Traditional Sand Painting, and more. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated. As we turn our view to the remainder of the year, we still have a number big events coming up.

The first is the Fall Ordeal for inductees who were unable to attend the Spring Ordeal. It looks like we will have about 9 candidates and 3 members at that event on September 24 25, 2004 at Oso Lake. This will be the first time anyone has camped at Oso Lake since Orange County Council took over management of the property in February. The September Chapter meeting is our annual election for next years Crow Chapter Board Members. We need every member to attend to make sure we get the best people elected to our Chapter Board. If you are interested in be on the board, it is not too late. There will be on last chance for nominations just prior to the elections. I would be a good idea to call the Chief, Justin, at 714 447-1291, and let him know of your interest.

I have been told unofficially that Crow Chapter is currently in the lead for the Lodge Service Award, but the competition is close behind. Our next service activity is Scouting for Food. Crow Chapter will be running the Los Amigos District food collection center at the LDS Church on Euclid. We will need a lot of youth to keep the center staffed all day long. Our next service activity is the Webelos Camporall on October 22 - 24, 2004 at Shabarium Park in Rowland Heights. We will be running the Crow Booth, judging Webelos skits, and doing the evening campfire. So mark you calendars. The October Chapter meeting is our annual banquet. It will be a potluck dinner, and we will be honoring our members for there accomplishment during the 2004 year. So bring your family and join us for dinner. We finish out the year with Lodge Training for our new officers in December (Note: this is required training for Chapter Board Officers). Then we kick off the New Year with the Lodge Banquet on the second Saturday in January.

The Chapter Board has decided to offer the one-day JLT Training class for Scout in Los Amigos Troops, so we will need the help of many Arrowman for this event. The JLT is scheduled for Saturday, February 5th, 2005, so mark you calendars. This is part of the Chapter's efforts to support the Troops in our District.

I look forward to see each and every one of you at the September Chapter Meeting on Thursday, September 23, 2004 at Emanuel Lutheran Church on Palm Street in La Habra starting at 7:30 PM. Come exercise your right to Vote!!

- Jeff Wolf
Chapter Advisor

Upcoming Events

September 23 - Thursday --6:00 pm -Chapter Meeting
Emanuel Lutheran Church - La Habra - ELECTIONS!!!

September 24-25 - Sat-Sun
Fall Ordeal -Lake Oso

October 14 - Thursday - 7:30 - Chapter Board Meeting

October 15-17 - Fri - Sun - Lost Valley
Shoepe Scout Reservation Service Project - Lost Valley.

October 22-24 - Fri - Sun - Webelos Camporall - Shabarum Park

October 28 - Thursday - 7:00 pm - Chapter Banquet
Emanuel Lutheran Church, La Habra

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