How Well Do You Know Your Flag?

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  1. True or False: The flag flying over Francis Scott Key's grave flies night and day and is lowered only when it needs replacing.

  2. The word "flag" comes from which old Anglo-Saxon word?
    a) flacken - meaning woven from flax
    b) fleogan - meaning to float in the wind
    c) floagan - meaning to whip
    d) flagae - meaning a knight's banner

  3. What do the stars on the blue field represent in our flag?

  4. The flag was first added to the Scout uniform
    a) to clelbrate the nation's bicentennial
    b) because many other nations used their flags on Scout uniforms
    c) because the Flag Heritage Foundation asked tat it be added
    d) to identify U.S. Scouts at foreign encampments

  5. True or False: The U.S. flag may be carried flat if there are enought participants to make certain that it doesn't tough the ground.

  6. What does it mean when the flag is not flying over the white House?

  7. Can the flag be washed or dry-cleaned?

  8. How many stripes are on the flag and what do they stand for?

  9. The flag is raised:
    a) slowly
    b) briskly
    c) at any speed that is comfortable

  10. True of False: If you carried the flag in a parade before the President of the United States, you would dip the flag in salute to the President as you walked past him.

  11. True or False: The flag must never be lowered no matter how bad the weather conditions.

  12. True or False: The flag is never allowed to fly after daylight hours anywhere in the world.

  13. True or False: When the flag is carried in parades or other occasions, it is escorted by an honor guard.

  14. The flag's honor guard walks:
    a) on the flag's right
    b) just behind the flag
    c) on either side of the flag

  15. True or False: If you are a Cub Scout, Scout or Venture you always give the cub Scout, Scout or Venture salute to the flag whether or not you are in uniform.

  16. True or False: When you carry the flag in a parade with other flags, the U.S. Flag must go on the left of and in line with the other flags.

  17. True or False: When the flag is hung against the wall, the stars are placed in the upper left corner (as you look at it) when the striped are horizontal, but in the upper tight corner when the striped are vertical.

  18. True or False: The only time a flag is flown upside down is as a signal for help.

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