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Dear Fellow Arrowmen,

Allowat Sakima once said, "The ones who chose you, need you."

You chose me to serve you , and you have all been chosen to serve your Chapters and your Lodge. Each and every one of you is needed. We are all leaders, and we all must be dedicated to the service of those around us. I am honored to serve you as Lodge Chief, and I will dedicate my time, energy, and resources to our Lodge, continuing the great role it has played in the Order. While I am your leader, more importantly I desire to be your brother, your friend, and faithful servant.

We are here not only to serve each other, but all of those around us. The role you fill has unlimited repercussions in your community and nation. We help those in need because we were called. All I can ask you to do is to put forth your full effort in all you do to serve. By doing the best you can in your Chapter, you make our Lodge great. Only you can do this.

You will have times where you will have to exhaust yourself for others, where you may lose sleep for your purpose, and where it seems you have no one to turn to in your time of need.

When you were first inducted, Kichkinet charged you by saying:

"It is not an easy journey. sometimes even friends will mock you, tempt you to betray your promise, test your resolution, often try to make you faithless. All the world may seem against you and the path seem dark and lonely. All your strength will be required when you face the isolation which a leader often faces."
Never forget that you will always have a brother to turn to, that even in the midst of irksome tasks, you are never alone, there is always someone there to help you. Use your brothers as resources, and be a resource to your brothers. There is an unlimited wealth of earnest people willing to help you in our assembly. This is the greatest resource we could ever ask for. Use each other. Assist each other. This is the purpose we were called for, and help is just a phone call away.

My main focus is unity. For our Lodge to be strong, it is vital that we are united in brotherhood. I have faith that we will attain the goals set before us. To be successful, we need to work together. When you are in service, uphold the ideals and principles of the founders, and lend a hand to your fellow Arrowmen.

Even before you took the obligation, Meteu told you:

"Soon you will be bound as brothers in this great and honored Order, but only if you are determined to fulfill its obligations out of love for one another. Till then, let silence, like a bowstring, bind you each to every other, closer when the bow is tested."
We will be tried, and we will grow closer. Together, we can do anything.

Above all this year make sure you are having fun. I wish to you the very best the Order of the Arrow has to offer.

Yours in cheerful service,
Josh I.
2003 Wiatava Lodge Chief

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