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15 Key Points That Bring Success

  1. Complete understanding of the aims and purposes of the Order of the Arrow.

  2. The Scout Executive annually appoints the Lodge and Chapter advisers and the staff advisers. He expects these advisers to keep him informed about all Order of the Arrow activities, ceremonies, service projects and the financial status of the Lodge.

  3. The advisers know the rules of the Lodge and national policies of the Order of the Arrow. They make sure that the Lodge is in harmony with the rules and policies at all times.

  4. The Lodge Adviser is appointed to membership in the Council camping or Scouting Committee. The Chapter advisers are appointed to the district camping or Scouting Committee.

  5. Lodge and Chapter funds are handled through the Council service center and accounted as described in "The Local Council Accounting Manual", Volume II, Chapter 3, pages 3 - 8. Monthly reports of financial status are made available.

  6. The main line of Lodge program is directed toward camping promotion, building camping tradition and service to camping, and support of the Council's outdoor program activities.

  7. The "Order of the Arrow Handbook" is used as a guide for members and advisers.

  8. Communications are carried out through a regular newsletter published quarterly or more frequently if necessary.

  9. All Order of the Arrow members must be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America. Those who do not continue their registered membership in Scouting may not continue their active membership in the Order of the Arrow. "An Arrowman's first duty is to his own unit."

  10. It is strongly recommended that all staff members of the Council be given the opportunity to become members of the Lodge. The issuance of the invitation is the responsibility of the Scout Executive and the Lodge adviser.

  11. The Order of the Arrow is primarily a service organization. It is not a secret society. An air of mystery surrounds the ceremonies because of the appeal to scouts; however, Lodge or Chapter advisers will willingly discuss their content with any Scout leaders, parents, or religious leaders who may be concerned.

  12. Indian lore is not a main line purpose of the Order of the Arrow. Indian tribal dress is used for ceremonials and may be used at other times to add color and interest to the program. Indian dancing teams may be organized, but they are not required. Indian dance and pageant teams may be used to focus interest and attention to the main line purposes of the Order of the Arrow, but should never detract from the purposes.

  13. Under proper guidance, coaching and leadership, the Order of the Arrow is a tremendous asset to the camping program in the Council. The scouts and explorers of today will be the career and volunteer Scouters of tomorrow.

  14. Lodge and Chapter youth leadership, including Committee members, must be under the age of 21 during their entire term of office.

  15. The Lodge and Chapter advisers are responsible for appointing all Committee and project advisers.

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