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Chapter Vice Chief of Indian Affairs Section

The Lodge Vice Chief of Indian Affairs' responsibilities are outlined the the "Lodge Rules" portion of the plan book located in Appendix II , Section I , Article F.
The Chapter Vice Chief of Indian Affairs' responsibilities are outlined the the "Lodge Rules" portion of the plan book located in Appendix II , Section II , Article C.

To assist the Vice Chief in his duties, the following outline is provided. The Vice Chief of Indian Affairs should attend a Lodge sponsored training session and should provide his membership with additional training as required.

Indian Affairs is one of the most important parts of our Lodge program. This upcoming year is filled with many activities: Ordeal Pow Wow, Section Conclave, Camporees, Scoutorama, and more. At these functions Indian Affairs will play an important part of the program. To ensure an effective part in these functions, this year, the Lodge Indian Affairs program must help you and your Chapter have the opportunity to learn and participate.

  • Ceremony Teams
    Many of an Arrowman's first impressions about the Order come from the ceremonies he witnesses. This, the quality of your ceremonies can have a direct effect on the future success of your Chapter. To put on an impressive ceremony, the Team should learn their parts well in advance, practice the ceremony, and use impressive props and costumes. Some resources for putting on an impressive ceremony are the Order of the Arrow Handbook, the Manual for the Ordeal, the Administration Guide for the Ordeal, and workshops for Ceremony Teams.
  • Dance Team
    The Chapter can gain experience and exposure in the District and community by performing dances for Troops, Cub Packs, or community organizations. When creating a Dance Team, always keep in mind authenticity and personal enjoyment. Some possible resources for starting a Dance Team are personal research, Indian hobbyist organizations, and experienced Arrowmen.
  • Indian Singing
    Indian singing can compliment any Dance Team. Interested Arrowmen should be given the opportunity to learn. Some resources for learning Indian singing include research through libraries and other repositories, talking to people with knowledge on the subject,and listening to recorded media (tapes, records, CDs, etc.)
  • Indian Regalia
    Interest new members in making regalia. Good Chapter costumes compliment all other area of Indian Affairs. Group work allows Arrowmen to share ideas and methods of making regalia. Some sources for regalia design include research at libraries and museums, in addition to talking to experienced Arrowmen and Native Americans.
  • Sand Painting
    Sand painting is one of the newest and fastest growing areas in our Lodge program. Arrowmen have an opportunity to compete at the Section Conclave and Lodge Pow Wow. All age groups can compete in sand painting. Some sources for learning the skill include copying pictures in books and magazines, learning from those experienced in the craft, and watching others compete in Pow Wows and Conclaves.

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