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Lodge Awards

Chapter of the Year

Determination of this award will be make by the Chapter's standing in the Chapter Achievement Program (CAP). The Chapter receiving the highest score in the Lodge Honor Chapter category will receive this award.

For judging criteria see the Chapter Achievement Program Form .

Most Improved Chapter

This award will go to the Chapter who's standing increases the most from the previous year.

Chapter standing is determined by the Chapter Achievement Program (CAP), which is outlined on the pages that follow this section.

Chapter Service Award

The Chapter Service Award is presented annually at the Lodge Annual Recognition Dinner to the Chapter that has performed the most number of service hours to the community and scouting per Arrowman in the Chapter. The total number of service hours performed by the Chapter is divided by the total number of Registered Members in the Chapter. This Chapter receiving the greatest number of service hour per Arrowman shall receive the Chapter Service Award.

Chapter Camp Promotions Award

The Chapter Camp Promotions Award is presented annually at the Lodge Annual Recognition Dinner to the Chapter that has achieved the highest standing on the Chapter Camp Promotions Award form.

See the Chapter Camp Promotions Award Form .

Clan Excellency Award

  1. Have the Clan's Elangomat attend the Lodge or Chapter's Elangomat Training. (In order to be trained by the Chapter the Chapter's instructor must be trained at the Lodge level)
  2. Attend all Chapter meetings and events to the best of your ability.
  3. Attend at least one Lodge event.
  4. Twenty five percent (25%) achieve Brotherhood membership.
  5. Fifty percent (50) earn the Wischixin Award.

Ordeal Award

  1. Judged and administered through the Chapter Chief as per the "Wiatava Ordealmaster's Handbook".
    1. Ceremony Team Members and Advisers
      1. Memorize parts (Advisers exempt).
      2. Maximum of fifteen (15) awards issued per Chapter for Ceremony Teams.
        1. Twelve (12) patches maximum for Youth Characters
        2. Three (3) patches maximum for Adult Advisers.
      3. Only one (1) award issued per Arrowman per year.
    2. The award will consist of an Ordeal Patch for the current year with either a gold or silver mylar box.(whichever fits the design of the patch best)

Elangomat Award

  1. On the last day of the Ordeal, all Elangomats will receive an Appreciation Certificate for being an Elangomat and doing a good job.
  2. They will receive an Elangomat Award at the Lodge Annual Recognition Banquet the following year, on the condition that they have completed the following requirements:
    1. Attend Chapter Elangomat Training.
    2. Coordinate Clan Ordeal.
      1. Make sure all candidates attend the Ordeal.
      2. All candidates must fulfill all test of the Ordeal.
    3. Fill out an Elangomat Clan Form ; make sure it is turned in at the Lodge Meeting following the Ordeal.
    4. Ensure fifty percent (50%) of the New Members attend the first Chapter Meeting.
    5. Advise your Clan Members of all Chapters and Lodge activities throughout the year.
    6. Meet with the Clan and go over Brotherhood requirements; meet again to do Brotherhood work.
    7. Register all Clan Members for the following year.
    8. Ensure seventy five percent (75%) of the Clan Members get Brotherhood Honor at the following Ordeal.

The Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award was created in 1940 to honor those who rendered service to the Order beyond the Lodge level. The Award is presented to those Arrowmen who have rendered distinguished and outstanding service to the Order on a Sectional, Regional, or National basis.

Silver Arrow Award (Arrowman of the Year)

The purpose of this Award is to honor the most outstanding Arrowman during the year.

Witatschimalsin : (adult) Determined by the Lodge Executive Committee.

Allogogan : (youth) Determined by the Lodge Executive Committee Advisers.

  1. The Award can only be earned once as a youth and once as an adult.
  2. Voting is done by the youth for the adult recipient and by the adults for the youth recipient. Those who can vote for the Award Recipients include all voting members of the Lodge Executive Committee including the Lodge Chief, Editor, and Vigil Chief. The respective Advisers to these Youth comprise the voting group for the Youth Recipient. Any youth or adult member can attend his respective meeting and speak on behalf of a particular nominee but cannot vote. Voting shall continue until a clear winner has been selected with the ballots being counted by the Lodge Chief and one other youth for the Adult Award and the Lodge Adviser and one other adult for the Youth Award. Announcement of the winner shall be made at the Lodge Annual Recognition Dinner.
  3. The Lodge Chief and the Lodge Adviser are ineligible to be selected the year that they hold their respective positions.

Founder's Award

To recognize those Arrowmen (youth and adult) who have given the Lodge exemplary service, personal effort, unselfish interest and have made contributions beyond immediate responsibilities of their position or office in the Lodge over a prolonged period of time . The Founder's Award is not a substitute or a runner-up for the Silver Arrow Award. The Silver Arrow Award is given for a particular year of unselfish service whereas the Founder's Award is given for a long period of service.

Founder's Award Selection Guidelines
Qualifications for Founder's Award

  1. He must be a paid-up member of the Boy Scouts of America.
  2. His registration in Wiatava Lodge must be current.
  3. He must be a Brotherhood Honor member for at least two (2) years.
  4. He must have at least:
    1. Youth: Three (3) years of service to Wiatava Lodge
    2. Adult: Five (5) years of service to Wiatava Lodge
  5. he must not be a past recipient of the Award in the category (youth or adult) for which he is being nominated.


  1. The Lodge Chief, Lodge Adviser, and Lodge Staff Adviser shall appoint a Founder's Committee of seven to eight (7 - 8) Arrowmen with the concurrence of the Lodge Executive Committee. (See Lodge Rules , Section X , Appointments) Appointments for the Founders Committee will be voted on at the Chief's Council meeting.
  2. The Founder's Committee shall be made up of two or three (2 - 3) Advisers and five to six (5 - 6) Youth.
  3. Any Arrowman can submit a name to the Founder's committee at a Council of Chiefs meeting. A candidate can even submit his own name if he feels he is worthy.
  4. The Founder's Committee will then meet in closed meetings to choose, by secret ballot, recipients of the Founder's Award. Only Youth Arrowmen under twenty one (21) years of age may vote.
  5. The Founder's Committee will actively seek out names of those individuals who are deserving of this high mark of distinction and recognition.
  6. No one on the Founder's Committee will be eligible to receive the Founder's Award in that year.
  7. Fifty percent (50%) of the members on the Founder's Committee should be appointed for more than one (1) year, but no one should serve more than three (3) consecutive years on the Committee.

John LaBare Memorial Camping Award

This Award will go to the Arrowman, under the age of twenty one (21), who over the year has helped promote camping above all other Arrowmen. The Award recipient will be decided by the Lodge Vice Chief of Camping Promotion in consultation with his Adviser and the Lodge Chief.

Camping Promotion Award

The Award may be earned by any member of the Lodge by doing one of the following:
  1. Getting a Troop to go to Lost Valley Scout Reservation (LVSR) summer camp who has not attended LVSR in the past three (3) years of the Troop's existence.
  2. Getting two (2) Troops to go to Lost Valley Scout Reservation (LVSR) summer camp who has not attended LVSR in the past two (2) years of the Troop's existence.
  3. Getting two (3) Troops to go to Lost Valley Scout Reservation (LVSR) summer camp who has not attended LVSR in the past year of the Troop's existence.

Arrowman Service Award

Personal: (Complete all)

  1. Remain active in your Unit (or, if an Adult not in a unit, active in your Scouting role) through at least seventy five percent (75%) meeting attendance.
  2. Help an Ordeal Member attain Brotherhood.
  3. Mentor a Scout (or, if an Adult, another Scouter) in your Unit.
  4. Rededicate yourself to the principles of the Order of the Arrow through discussions with a Lodge Officer or Adviser.

Chapter / Lodge Activity: (Complete any three)

  1. Participate on a Lodge Camping Promotion or Unit Elections Team.
  2. Attend and serve in a leadership capacity at two (2) Lodge functions.
  3. Serve as a Chapter or Lodge Officer or as the Chairman of a Lodge Operating Committee.
  4. Attend a Section Conclave, National Leadership Seminar, or National Conference.
  5. Serve as a Trainer in an Order of the Arrow training event.

Service: (Complete either one)

  1. Participate in Council, Chapter, or Lodge service project.
  2. Serve as an Elangomat at an Ordeal
See the Arrowman Service Award Criteria Form .

In Service Identification - Engraved Name Plate

A red and white engraved name plate displaying the Officer's name, office and Lodge name and number. It is given to all Lodge Executive Committee Members.

Past Lodge Chief's Medal

Black ribbon with a silver medal displaying the Lodge Totem.

Past Lodge Advisers Medal

Black ribbon with a silver medal displaying the Lodge Totem.

Past Lodge Officer's Certificate

Awarded to past members of the Lodge Executive Committee.

Wischixin Award

This Award is give to all Arrowmen who have shown great effort in serving their Chapter and the Lodge.

Wischixin Award Requirements (requirements must be met in a calendar year - January 1 to December 31)

  1. Dues paid on time (before January 1)
  2. Records up to date (year OA Honors earned and year of birth, etc.)
  3. Attend seventy five percent (75%) of the Chapter Meetings
  4. Achieve Brotherhood Honor (Ordeal members only)
  5. Participate in two (2) of the following:
    1. Your Chapter's Ordeal
    2. Be an Elangomat at your Chapter's Ordeal
    3. Be active on a Ceremonies Team (member or adviser)
    4. Be active on the Chapter's Dance Team (member or adviser)
    5. Attend three (3) meetings of the Lodge Indian Affairs Team
    6. Be an Ordealmaster / Adviser
  6. Participate in three (3) of the following:
    1. Lodge Banquet
    2. Lodge Pow Wow
    3. W4B Section Conclave
    4. National Order of the Arrow Conference (most recent)
    5. Lodge Training Conference
    6. OA Program at the Scoutorama
    7. Any other Lodge sponsored activity
  7. Do three (3) of the following:
    1. Do sixteen (16) hours of service at any Chapter approved service project(s) other than at an Ordeal
    2. Serve on Camp Staff
    3. Serve on Cub Day Camp Staff
    4. Serve on any other Council or District Staff (Oakleaf Woodbadge, other training staff, etc.)
    5. Run / advise a Unit Election for a Unit other than your own
    6. Give (or advise) a Camp Promotion presentation to a Unit other than your own
    7. Author an article for a newsletter (published or not)
  8. Serve as one (1) of the following:
    1. Lodge or Chapter Officer
    2. Committee Chairman (Lodge or Chapter)
    3. Committee Member (Lodge or Chapter)
    4. Active Adviser or Associate Adviser (Lodge or Chapter)


    Related forms:
  1. Chapter Achievement Program Form
  2. Chapter Camp Promotions Award Form
  3. Elangomat Clan Form
  4. Arrowman Service Award Criteria Form

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