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Lodge Service Project Approval Procedure

The Lodge Vice Chief or Service will have the authority to approve Chapter service projects.

Following completion of the project, Chapters will submit a Service Project Report Form to he Lodge Vice Chief of Service for approval. The Vice Chief of Service will use the guidelines set forth below to approve or deny the project.

Projects concerning the following types of activities are acceptable:

  • Camping Promotion
  • Service to Scout camps
  • Staff of District or Council events
  • Staff for community events
  • Ordeal projects (work of both members and candidates may be counted)

Projects concerning the following are unacceptable :

  • Projects in which the Chapter or any member receives some type of material compensation for the project (not including meals during the project)
  • OA ceremonies, unit elections or other official OA functions
  • Staff for Chapter Ordeals
  • Projects performed for any profit making company which will directly gain profit from the service.(Churches, governments, and Community Centers shall be considered non-profit)

Projects which were pre-approved and which did not markedly change from the original description should be accepted.

There shall be no minimum number of Chapter members required at any one project in order for the Chapter to claim hours.

There will be no limit to the number of hours that may be recorded per Arrowman per twenty-four hour work day provided that he has done the work for which he was logged. These hours shall not include time used for meals, travel, and/or breaks in the project. sleep shall be considered rest and may not be counted even if the Arrowman is "on call" for the project. The Chapter shall provide evidence that verifies each individual Arrowman's hours. This verification may be in the form of a "sign in/sign out sheet". (The Lodge Service Report Form contains such a sign in/out sheet on page 2).

All Service Projects must allow for 8 hours of sleep in accordance with the National Boy Scouts of America Policy. Any reports turned in where Arrowmen did not receive 8 hours of sleep will be returned for an explanation.

All day and all weekend Service Projects must have a sign in sheet included with the report stating the total number of hours worked per person and the times the person worked. Reports that do not have an explanation of hours earned will be returned.

Any Friend of the Valley, RLF Amigo, or Campmaster hours for service can be turned in but will only count toward the total Lodge hours. They will not be included in the Chapter's hours for the service award given at the end of the year.

If a Chapter's Service Project has not been approved by the Lodge Vice Chief of Service, the Chapter Chief will have the option of appealing the decision to any Lodge Executive Committee meeting. A vote must be taken and the decision of the Vice Chief of Service can be overturned by a simple majority of the voting members present (half plus one).

A Lodge Service Report Form must be submitted by the December Lodge Executive committee meeting during the year in which it was held. A project which is completed in December following the Lodge Executive Committee meeting will be counted for service during the following year. For example, if a project was completed on August 15, 2003, the report form must be submitted by the December 3, 2003 Lodge Executive committee meeting. If, however, it was completed on December 6, and the December Lodge Executive Committee meeting was on December 3, the report from must be submitted for service during the following year. The Lodge Executive Committee shall have the power to grant a one week stay of the deadline.

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