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Crow Chapter - The Year In Review - 2007

(As presented by Mark Guttenplan - Chapter Advisor 2007)
Congratulations to all youth and adult Arrowmen from the Crow Chapter - Order of the Arrow for a fantastic 2007 year!

To review... The Crow Chapter is part of the Wiatava Lodge Order of the Arrow which is made up of 10 chapters, each representing a District in the Orange County Council. The Crow Chapter represents all 60+ (Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Venturing) units in the Los Amigos District .

The annual Wiatava Lodge Banquet was held on Saturday January 5th at the Wyndham Hotel in Fullerton. The Crow Chapter was awarded 2 of the top 3 annual awards for the year including the top award - Chapter of the Year for the 2nd year in a row and the 7th time in the Lodge 35 year history. The Crow Chapter earned Chapter of the Year by receiving the highest score in the Lodge Honor Chapter category of the annual Chapter Achievement Program (CAP). Many thanks to every Crow arrowman and especially Chief Tanner B. (of Troop 93) for his oral presentation in front of the Lodge board on December 8th defending our CAP report.

The Crow Chapter was also awarded the Camping Promotion (CP) Award for the 2nd year in a row (an award Crow had never previously won). The CP award is presented to the chapter that achieves the highest standing on the Chapter CP award form. Thanks to our Vice Chief Camping Promotions (VCCP) Daniel R. (of Troop 1201) and his Adviser Mr. Woodard for all their hard work this year. Crow CP had 100% visitation completion by the beginning of March and our VCCP Daniel R. won First place for CP at the Fall Pow Wow. Crow also provided the 2007 Where to go Camping Guide to the Lodge VCCP.

The Crow Chapter was a close second to the Koshare Chapter for Service Chapter of the Year with approx. 6150 service hours or 53 hours per arrowman. Congratulations to Koshare with 56 hours per arrowman! Thank you to our Vice Chief of Service Alex C. (of Troop 93) and his Adviser Mr. Steve Wolf for their tireless efforts and also the Lodge Vice Chief of Service Justin W. and his Adviser Mr. Ed Cadena for all their support.

Some individual awards were presented:
Stewart and Justin C. and Daniel R. were awarded Indian Dancer Awards from the Lodge Vice Chief Indian Affairs Dustin M.

Stewart, Justin, Jim C. were awarded Indian Drummer Awards from the Lodge Vice Chief Indian Affairs Dustin M.

Nineteen Crow members were awarded the Camping Promotion Individual Award including Tanner & Greg B., Alex and Ed C., Andrew, Benjamin and Jeff C., Mark G., P., Steve and Adam H., Sean M., Eric N., Steve P., Ron P., Daniel R., RJ and Ron V. and Jeffrey W.

Daniel R. was awarded the John LaBare Camping Award by the Lodge Vice Chief of Camping Promotions. This award is presented to the youth arrowman who over the year has helped promote camping above all other arrowmen in the entire lodge (approx. 1500 individuals).

Mr. Ed Cadena was awarded the Lodge Silver Arrow Award - Adult Arrowman of the Year (Witatschimolsin). The purpose of the Silver Arrow award is to honor the most outstanding arrowman during the year. The adult award is determined by a vote of the youth on the lodge executive committee. Mr. Cadena joined an elite group of 35 youth and 35 adults (one each chosen per year) that include: Mr. Ron Price '05, Mr. Bob Graves '99, Mr. Mike Stanton '95, Andrew Delaney '01, Justin Wolf '06 and Mr. Albertus Hoogeveen '83 who have previously won this award from the Crow Chapter .

Justin W. was awarded the Wiatava Lodge Founders Award. The award was created to honor and recognize those Arrowmen who have given outstanding service to the lodge and is reserved for an arrowman who demonstrates to fellow arrowmen that he memorializes in his everyday life the spirit of achievement as described by founder E. Urner Goodman and cofounder Carroll A. Edson. Wiatava Lodge uses the Founder's award to recognize those arrowmen (youth and adult) who have given the lodge exemplary service, personal effort, unselfish interest, and have made contributions beyond immediate responsibilities of their position or office in the lodge over a prolonged period of time. Previous Crow who have won this award include; Mr. Ron Price '06, Josh Insalaco '04, Andrew Delaney & Mr. Bob Graves '01, Mr. Mike Stanton and Jeremy Baugh '97 and Mr. Albertus Hoogeveen '87.

Good luck to the 2008 Crow Chapter Chief Chuckie C., his Adviser Mr. Don Roberts, and the entire 2008 Crow Chapter Board.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone.
Yours in Brotherhood,

--Mr. Mark Guttenplan 2006-2007 Crow Chapter Adviser 2008 Associate Adviser



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